Child Seat Installations at Bathurst Toyota

At Bathurst Toyota we know that a parent wants to be satisfied that their child is safe every day, that is why we have experienced technicians who specialise in the fitment of all types of child restraints and seat belts.

Visit the Team at Bathurst Toyota

At Bathurst Toyota, we aim to ensure that parents and carers have the knowledge, understanding and support for safely transporting children from A to B.

Parents and carers can support their child travelling safely by ensuring: 

  • The child restraint is the right size for your child.  Please speak with Bathurst Toyota before purchasing to ensure the product is appropriate for your child.
  • Our team fit the child restraint correctly to the vehicle.  Please note that each vehicle can be different, so it is important to have your child restraint fitted correctly. 
  • The child restraint is properly fastened and adjusted for the child.  The Bathurst Toyota team will show you how to properly fasten and adjust the restraint for your child.  
  • Return to Bathurst Toyota for assistance if you need a refresher on your child restraint
  • We encourage you to ask the child restraint fitter to show you how the child restraint has been fitted and encourage you to return to Bathurst Toyota should the child restraint need to be moved from one vehicle to another.